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If you haven’t tried online workout videos, you are missing out on among the best ways to exercise and make a habit that sticks. I’ve been using workout videos regularly since rediscovering them in 2010 2010 (I adored my mom’s Jane Fonda tapes when I was a kid). Videos have played a pivotal part in changing me from a sometimes exerciser into a daily exerciser.

Exercise has become my trainer, my therapist, my deep breathing, my friend, and my muse. I devote 2 times a week, religiously, to using online workout videos. Here are the top 6 advantages of using online videos! When it comes to finding time to work through, truly nothing is far more convenient than working out from home with a video.

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But even though you travel frequently, online workout videos are accessible incredibly. With videos, traffic is never a concern. Neither is parking. Or weather. Or a crazy plan – in the end, the web provides you 24/7 usage of online workouts – you are able to do them once you want. You only need a small space.

And your shower is RIGHT there when you finish! So if the will is experienced by you, there is a way. With online workouts, you aren’t committed to a specific time or effort on any given day. Sometimes it’s great to work through for one hour and pour sweat, however, many days not so much. When you depend on addressing a class, it’s all or nothing. You may have to psych yourself up to get there, and if you don’t make it, that day you finish up with nothing in the way of activity.

Nothing but guilt and beating yourself up. With videos, you have the best versatility in choosing how to proceed based on your vitality and your time frame. If you placed on a 20-tiny video because you don’t have the drive that day to go for an hour, that’s still successful.

You’re going to feel so much better after 20 minutes, no real matter what. And you’ll feel great enough to view another video just, because endorphins are funny like this, you get going once. But it’s your call: no judgment, no slinking out of the class. And you may have it both ways.