Mark’s Burger Bar Versus McDonalds, Right?

Maybe this website is a nuts and bolts view of the way the twenty first hundred years Voluntary Sector will go about operating its railroad. Or maybe it’s just me obtaining a few things off my chest on a grey Monday morning hours in March. Regular visitors will be well aware that I tend to be considered a very staunch defender of the Voluntary Sector and what it achieves.

I am well and truly biased of course having been a charity supervisor going back twelve years. But I am very certain of my floor also. God alone knows what could have happened over the last couple of years if charities had not been there to feed, heat and clothe every one of the millions who have been ground into the floor by the Welfare Reforms.

The inescapable truth is that people with no money cannot buy anything to eat, and if people don’t eat anything, well, they starve basically. Our government has made the decision to deprive an incredible number of our fellow citizens of each penny of their income and thereby leave them susceptible to extreme hunger.

The Voluntary Sector has stepped up to the dish and used on the role of being the meals cupboard of final resort. If the Voluntary Sector hadn’t have been there to put food on the table, would the Government have been prepared to sit and find out people starve to loss of life in Britain 2015 back again? I like to think they wouldn’t, but who knows?

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Over the last few years of austerity driven food cravings, the attempts of charities up and down the land to supply those who have no means to eat has been Herculean. The Voluntary Sector has won a lot of Brownie points and by and large they have deserved every single one of these.

But that doesn’t means that the Voluntary Sector is remotely perfect. During the last thirty years or so we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of much loved family run shops driven out of businesses by brutally dominating supermarkets. We haven’t liked it, but it’s been provided as a fact of life.

The savage truth of Darwinian capitalism. Significantly less familiar has been the rise of charities who imitate the way the great corporations start their business. These super-charities spend big bucks on advertising to place their brands in the attention line of the public plus they send reps door to door to special chat punters into monthly immediate debits.

How has this occurred? Well when you reside in a capitalist system, all areas of life have a tendency to gravitate to the hard regulation of the jungle. The bottom line is, every man and his dog chases the amount of money. The last Government made all sorts of claims about easing poverty and making life better for those at the bottom of the ladder. Basically they decided to borrow lots and lots of money and throw it about the accepted place. Tens of an incredible number of pounds worth of this money was ear marked for the Voluntary Sector and for ten years it became a Klondike. A major market was made out of basic misery.