Julie’s Dining Club

I recently stopped at Boston for a business trip. I alone was traveling, but still wished great food. Normally when I’m dining alone, I choose casual places, but this right time, I had been inspired to try something else. Evening there So on my first, I opted to visit a sushi bar. I am craving sushi for a while, and sitting at a sushi bar solo appeared like it wouldn’t be awkward.

After extensive research, I narrowed my selection down to a handful of sushi restaurants, and resolved on O Ya finally, when i read that they had taken reservations for the sushi club. Once I though stepped inside, the vibe all changed. I was greeted cheerfully, my coating was whisked by a female who complimented me on it away, and I had been quickly resulted in my chair at the sushi bar.

My view. So many squirt bottles! I used to be seated right at the sushi counter, in front of one of three sushi chefs directly. Each chef had his own workstation, with fish and an enormous assortment of squirt bottles. Seriously, browse the squirt bottles! Various different sizes and colors. It was clear that I was going to get to see some serious artistry.

I liked my seat at the bar, particularly as I had been a solo diner, it offered me something to watch and focus on. There were 18 seats at the bar, each with stool seating, not the most comfortable, but at least they had purse hooks at each slot. There have been also 18 chairs at regular tables, mainly tables for just two or four.

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In addition to the 3 sushi chefs working the counter, there was a back again kitchen where cooking was done. It was open partially, but I didn’t spend enough time peeking within. Unlike most sushi pubs I am to, there was zero connection with the sushi chefs. It didn’t matter that I was dining at the bar, they never looked my way. They rarely up looked, didn’t once look at me. This was a bit unlucky, I always thought that the relationship with a sushi chef is area of the experience.

My interactions were all done through my waiter instead. I couldn’t quite body him out. He appeared a little snooty, but was nice if you ask me. The girl next to me had some serious play with him which i never quite figured out, however they were very annoyed. Right when I sat, one of them asked him if duck was considered red meats or not. He said he didn’t know.