The Mindful Patriot

For the past almost a year, the U.S. Department of Justice has been pressuring banking institutions to refuse service to businesses the DOJ is concentrating on politically, such as gun stores, in a planned program entitled Procedure Choke Point. Corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder has been involved with a minimum of 16 scandals. “I used to be very angry,” Elizabeth Liberti told the Miami New Times.

“They were very inconsiderate. “Suddenly, we had to perform and find another loan provider to keep our business heading. BankUnited finally gave them a reason a while later. “This letter in no real way reflects any derogatory reasons for such action in your stead, but instead one of industry,” wrote branch manager Ricardo Garcia.

It was better here, although the regular had not been very good still, in particular, the “Bold” was sour, fairly harsh. I didn’t care for it at all, but one day “Medium” showed up, and it was better slightly. Shockingly, the decaf was decent. Smooth Fairly, not acidic, not severe. No depth, not amazing or anything, but much better than expected. All sorts of sweetener, milk (including soy), creamers (including flavored), caramel syrup, and cinnamon toppings were on the comparative part, along with takeaway mugs or mugs for dining in.

The food offerings were basically the same every day, basic, but do include continental and hot items. In addition to the signature DIY waffle station, of course. The continental lineup is as simple as it gets: breads, spreads, cereal, yogurt, fruit. Bread Station (Day One): Bagels, English Muffins. The loaf of bread lineup was interesting. Such as, day no sliced up bread the first.

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No toast. Bagels, cinnamon or simple raisin only, and english muffins. These were clearly “grocery store” caliber bagels, very bready, no crust. A sign said gluten-free items were on request, I’m not sure what was offered. I used to be amused at the choice of toasters, conveyor style or regular traditional toaster. But no toast, no cooked goods or pastries (! ) that day. Bread Station (Day Two): Bagels, English Muffins, Wheat Bread, Coffee Cake.

The next day, the bread train station experienced a few new additions, just generic looking whole wheat breads, and a bowl of something unlabeled on the bottom. Breakfast Special (Tuesday): Coffee Cake. The unlabeled offering turned out to be coffee cake. I used to be amused by the presentation of the espresso cake, just on the paper plate.

It honestly appeared homemade. It though was decent, moist enough, small streusel top, cinnamon filling. Breakfast Special (Wednesday): Cinnamon Rolls. On the third day, the “bonus” item on the bottom was cinnamon rolls. Again, fairly homemade looking, with tons of icing all around the plate. I took one eagerly, and attempted it at room temperatures.

I clearly didn’t judge it right, because as it reached the trunk, it jammed. Smoke began pouring out. Ooph. Staff sprung into action, got out a lover, shut it off, removed it, etc, but I used to be horrified that I did so this offense. I took another, brought it to my room, and microwaved it for 15 seconds, which helped a lot – softer, icing oozing all over, but it still wasn’t great.

Not well worth any of the effort. Breakfast Special (Thursday): Chocolate Croissants/Turnovers. The next day, a fresh item. These ones get points for being warm, clearly fresh from the oven once i appeared around 8:30am. Morning I used to be just too early I wonder if the first, and the special item hadn’t been lay out? As always, the special was unlabeled, but I’ll presume these were aiming for chocolate croissants, or, were looking to be on tendency and do a cross really, uh, croissant-turnover?

The filling up was quite good, lots of chocolate, decent quality, slightly melty. I just don’t know what these were going for. It kinda looked like a croissant, but it wasn’t laminated nor flaky. It appeared as if a turnover kinda, but that wasn’t right either. The pastry seemed undercooked as well, kinda doughy and dense.