Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Definition: Day Trading Terminology

An exchange traded finance, or ETF, is a marketable security tracking bonds, goods or other baskets of resources, such as an index fund. Unlike a mutual fund, ETFs trade just like the stocks of the collateral stock on stock exchanges. An Exchange Traded Funds will undergo price changes over time as they are traded on the market. They will will often have a much higher daily liquidity and significantly lower fees than the shares of a mutual fund, which makes them appealing to retail investors.

Since an ETF trades just like collateral shares, it generally does not determine its NAV, or online asset value, day like mutual money do by the end of every trading. Exchange Traded Funds are funds that own the underlying assets (shares of stock, oil futures, bonds, gold bars, currencies etc), and divides the ownership of the assets into marketable shares. The investment vehicle structure used will change by market, and multiple possible structures can co-exist in the same market. The shareholders of the Exchange Traded Funds do not have direct ownership or any claim to the underlying property of the account. Instead they own these underlying property indirectly through their ownership of the finance itself.

An ETF shareholder is entitled to a portion of any profits, such dividends paid or interest earned, and they’re often eligible for a residual value if the account is liquidated. Ownership in the fund is easily bought, sold and transferred, because the shares in an ETF shares can be traded in public areas stock exchanges.

Exchange Traded Funds share source is controlled through creation and redemption. The mechanism of redemption and creation involves a little number of specialized investors called “authorized participants”, or APs. APs are major financial institutions which have a complete lot of buying power. Only an AP can make or redeem the units in an ETF. During creation, the APs assemble a profile of underlying possessions, and then switch that basket to the control of the account in exchange for ETF stocks. Similarly regarding redemptions, the APs come back the ETF’s shares to the account and get back the basket of the underlying assets in the portfolio.

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