WHAT’S “normal” Anyway?

I haven’t been very motivated to do anything recently (other than work, of course), since my husband is gone especially. I normally devote crazy hours while he’s away, but this time around I’ve actually managed to get in a few late spring cleaning. Otherwise, my entire life is fairly dull, and I’m a complete hermit.

Well, yesterday evening a friend of mine got a “victory party”. He didn’t win, but it close was! I live in a tiny town in the middle of B.F.E. What is “normal” anyway? In this area of the state (which is a lot different from the northwestern corner where I used to live), the women are a lot more conventional and “classic”, I suppose. Basic jeans and t-shirt most of the time. I obviously don’t fit in here.

  • Creams, lotions and liquid make-up items, nail polish & remover, hairspray, gel, mousse, etc
  • Is the rash going away or is it unchanged over time
  • Transcendence, which is assisting others to achieve their potential
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  • What are some fun things you could do in zero-g
  • John Howard Payne, “Home, Sweet Home”

I always stand out like a sore thumb. I grew up in B.F.E. I’ve just come to understand that everyone here feels I’m from New York City or something. I’ve never been any farther north than NEW YORK! But I don’t think I’ve EVER fit in anywhere. Irrespective of where I am with this side of the Bible Belt, I always appear to have the brightest makeup, craziest hair (which is, oddly, a “normal” color right now), most visible epidermis/tattoos, and sparkliest clothes/shoes.

It works for me, though. I randomly made a decision to combine one day. I would have some of these up in my shop soon if there’s a pastime. I had to help make the kids dinner before I still left, therefore i ran out of time. Evening Do other people do anything fun last?

That this may happen concerns me considerably because I have no reason to think it’s confined to my own discipline. Naturalness can be an interesting case to keep an optical eye on. That’s because the LHC now has delivered data that shows the idea was wrong – none of the predictions for supersymmetric particles, or extra dimensions, or tiny black holes, and so forth, came true.

One possible way for particle physicists to cope with the problem is to amend criteria of naturalness so that they are no more incompatible with data. I am hoping this is not just how it’ll go sincerely. The more enlightened way would be to find out what went wrong just.

That you can’t speak about probabilities with out a probability distribution isn’t a particularly deep understanding, but I’ve experienced trouble getting particle physicists to recognize this. So, now that a guy has said it, I hope physicists shall listen. Aside: I continue to have technical troubles with the comments with this blog.

Notification has not been working properly for several weeks, which is why I am approving responses with much delay and reply erratically. In the current arrangement, I could neither read the full comment before approving it, nor may i keep comments unread, so as to remind myself to reply, what I previously did. Google says they’ll be fixing it, but I’m not sure what, if anything, they’re doing to make that happen. Also, my institute wants me to move my publicly available data files elsewhere because they’re discontinuing the links that I’ve used so far. For this justification most images in the old blogposts have vanished. I have to manually replace all these links that will have a while. I am very sorry for the resulting ugliness.

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